Our Heritage

The family business was founded by Peter Ranaldi SNR (DOB 6/2/1928) in 1962. Peter was the 2nd youngest member of the Ranaldi family.

Peter SNR found life hard as a young lad as his mother had passed away in child birth and his father Giovanni was interned and sent to Canada on the Arandora Star but his life was lost at sea when the ship was torpedoed.

Giovanni had one of the first fish and chip shops in Dunbar and then a small Italian café in the village of Newhaven in Edinburgh.

Peter’s family found life hard as the Italian community were not always made welcome during the War years.

Peter was always a get up and go lad. While still at School, he got himself a job with Matheson the bakers so he would have enough money to go the the Alhambra Pictures on a Saturday.

When Peter first left school, he got a job at a local gardening centre for the sum of ten shillings a week. When he heard that there was the chance of work in the local fish market for £2.50 per week he could not believe his luck and Jumped at the chance.

He went on trawlers aged 17 years on the Starbank. Aged 17.5 years he went into the RAF for 4.5 years. On leaving the RAF, he started back in the fish trade and was taught how to hand cut fillets with Bobby Main.

He was asked to supply Fish and Chip shops with hand cut fillets as the fillets that the chip shops had been getting in the past were block fillets which had a lot of bones and they were now wanting a fillet that was virtually bone free.

That was the incentive for Peter to start up his own business and to be the only Italian fish merchants in Edinburgh.

The rest as they say is history. We hope this give you an insight in to the Ranaldi's and our passion for the industry.

Ranaldi Family.png

Ranaldi Family Group Photo circa 1930